How do I add Receivers at a Destination?

I want to deliver to more/different tenants/receivers at a destination

It is most likely that Tenants at a Destination will already be set up as Receivers at the Destination, and so you simply need to make a Connection to these Receivers in Mobiledock

Access to Receivers (and in fact between any Organisations) in Mobiledock are controlled through Connections. You are able to Request access to a Receivers from within Mobiledock.

There are 2 methods for doing this:

  1. You may create a Connection Code, and email the code to a person in a company you want to connect with. They then apply/use that Connection Code in Mobiledock to link their Mobiledock Organisation with your Mobiledock Organisation. This assumes they have registered with Mobiledock, and either created their company as an Organisation, or will create one.
    Connection Code may be created once, and used many times, as you specify when you create it. Create once, send to many.
    To create a Connection Code please refer to the frequently asked question How do I create a Connection Code?
  2. If the company you want to connect with is already on Mobiledock, you can search for their Organisation and send a Connection Request directly to them in Mobiledock.
    Connection Request is a one-to-one transaction. One Organisation to another Organisation.
    To initiate a Connection Request please refer to the frequently asked question How do I request a Connection?

The fastest and simplest way to connect, will be to initiate a Connection Request.

Note: A word of caution. When you send a Connection Request the receiver of that request will have the option to Accept, Reject, or Block your request. If they Block your request, you will not be able to request to their Organisation again.

For information on what a Connection is in Mobiledock, see this frequently asked question: For answers to many questions about Mobiledock, please refer to the frequently asked question, What is a Connection?